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Effective Rhetoric, Effective Writing: Parallelism in Technical Communication

01 24

When two or more concepts are logically equal, the same grammatical structure can be repeated to improve writing style and readability, for example, “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” . In grammar and rhetoric, we speak of parallelism, and this technique lends itself to technical communication.

What Is Technical Writing?

01 10

Technical communication is not just one discipline or one profession, but many, which requires a wide range of skills. The main skill associated with technical communication, and perhaps the easiest aspect to explain to someone who is not so familiar with technical communication, is technical writing. it is not possible to define technical writing adequately […]

When Your English Throws a “Spanner” or a “Wrench” in the Works*

01 7

The global supremacy of the English language is widely accepted in the field of technical documentation. But how does the variety of English used affect the overall quality of technical documentation? Ignorance of and misconceptions about English-language issues can throw a proverbial spanner or wrench in English-language documentation. What kind of English? global language The […]

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