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Knowledge Transfer

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There are different types of knowledge. One form of knowledge is instinctive, like you know not to eat the cheese that has gone mouldy in the fridge even though nobody told you not to. We instinctively perform many tasks, but cannot explain why. This type of knowledge is also referred to as tacit knowledge. At […]

Process Optimization in Technical communication

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Technical communication has much in common with development projects and, at the same time, is an integral part of these projects. All project team members capture and exchange information before, during, and after a project. The task of content managers, documentation managers, information developers, knowledge managers, localization experts, translators, usability experts, and other technical communicators […]

Enterprise Social Networking

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Empowering Technical Communicators, Connecting with Customers For technical communicators in particular, integrating the use of social collaboration tools in their daily work could empower them like never before and allow them to serve customers better. Increasing productivity in distributed teams As companies have extended their operations across the globe, the technology for facilitating collaboration across […]

Shape Up to Ship Out – How to Clean Up Your Source Documentation for Effective Localization

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Creating good technical documentation requires the ability to apply structure and clarity to complex information. Even when various quality checks have been performed, the act of translating the documentation often uncovers a variety of problems. Content that is poorly prepared for localization into one or even more languages typically ends up costing more time and […]

Information Development

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