Helen Fawcett – Technical Communication focuses on the many aspects of technical communication in the context of global business and information technology.

About the Author

My name is Helen Fawcett and I am a technical writer (User Assistance Architect for enterprise software) at SAP SE, the market and technology leader in business management software, which is based in Walldorf, Germany. My special interests are writing for global business and information technology (IT) and methods of process optimization, in particular, for multi-language documentation projects.

After a long stint of teaching English as a foreign language to business professionals and translating marketing and public relations material from German into English, I moved into technical communication in 2001.

During my career in technical communication, I have worked on many business software projects with remote development teams, located all over the world, including Brazil, China, the Czech Republic, India, Portugal, Sweden, and the USA. I also support projects through language quality assurance and translation management.

In my current position, I work in the area of on-demand solutions in an agile software
development environment
. In a nutshell, I optimize user interface text such as control labels and create on-screen instructions and help documentation for developers. My work focuses strongly on the usability and user experience (UX) aspects of information design. Teamwork plays a major role.

Knowledge transfer, both on the job and in formal situations, is an important aspect of my work. Technical communication is a broad subject area that lends itself well to study. I have prepared and held many courses on technical writing and documentation and translation management for technical communicators. Furthermore, I have held seminars as part of a masters program offered by the SDI Munich that focus on how to manage documentation projects with translation in mind and how to analyze and write different types of documentation for both internal and external purposes.

About the Site

Helen Fawcett – Technical Communication focuses on technical communication and is intended for the following readers:

  • content managers, documentation managers, information developers, knowledge managers, translators, and other technical communicators
  • marketing and sales professionals, product managers, project managers, quality managers, and other project stakeholders and decision-makers
  • anyone interested in any or all aspects of technical communication

If you are new to technical communication or a first-time visitor who wants to gain a general impression of the author’s perspectives on technical communication, a good starting point is the Technical Communication page. To read more about technical communication in general, see the following articles:

The aim of Helen Fawcett – Technical Communication is that the content will grow organically to form a knowledge base for technical communication as new articles are added. The articles will cover a wide range of topics related to documentation management, quality management, technical writing, terminology, and translation and localization.

If you are looking for technical communication resources, in particular, for the English language, writing, and localization, a short list of links is available in the footer. Further links to useful resources and software tools based on the author’s personal interests will be included as the content on the site grows.

I am extremely pleased that Helen Fawcett – Technical Communication is now online. For someone like myself, who studied languages and moved into an IT-affiliated field, the Internet is the ideal platform for my work and my writing.

About Helen Fawcett:

In a nutshell, I optimize user interface text such as control labels and create on-screen instructions and help documentation for developers & customers. | Helen works as a user assistance lead at SAP SE.
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