The Bestselling Technical Writer:
An Oxymoron?

Within five to eight years, our jobs will be taken by algorithms backed by huge databases with a humanized UI that speaks to you, that is, a digital assistant...

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Technical Communication

12 28

In the second millennium, “technical” and “communication” undeniably go hand in hand. Computers, mobile telecommunications, and the Internet in particular, have dramatically influenced how we communicate. Many people now use these open and easily accessible communication channels to share their thoughts and ideas: at home, at work, and increasingly while traveling. modern Web publishing and […]

Knowledge Transfer

12 28

There are different types of knowledge. One form of knowledge is instinctive, like you know not to eat the cheese that has gone mouldy in the fridge even though nobody told you not to. We instinctively perform many tasks, but cannot explain why. This type of knowledge is also referred to as tacit knowledge. At […]

Effective Rhetoric, Effective Writing: Parallelism in Technical Communication

01 24

When two or more concepts are logically equal, the same grammatical structure can be repeated to improve writing style and readability, for example, “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” . In grammar and rhetoric, we speak of parallelism, and this technique lends itself to technical communication.

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